Good Evening all. I first want to apologize for the lack of updates! The weather has just been that quiet lately. If this blog is silent you can consider that a GOOD thing, if you do not enjoy active weather that is. Nevertheless, I wanted to put about a quick short-term update for the overnight into Wednesday. I’ve been discussing this vigorous upper level low pressure for a while now. It is located just west of the Mississippi River Valley and will rapidly progress east over the next few hours. Below is a radar snap shot of 10:00PM CST. It looks more deceiving than it is much of what is over Southern Illinois and Southwest Indiana is virga  (not reaching the ground).

 It will take a bit of time to moisten up the entire column I took a screen shot of the Skew-T from 02z  RUC KEVV Evansville (below), which shows a 3,000 -4,000 foot dry layer which will inhibit much in the way of precipitation initially. But shows a much more moist layer by about 5:00 AM. By then 0°C will be just off the surface, just enough to help with some snow by the morning hour. Looking for generally under an inch, but it will be enough to cause some traffic problems. I think .25 – .40″ inch of snow will be common. I think the models are just a hair behind on the temperatures, we’ll be right around freezing here at the surface, maybe slightly above. For now we wait and see what this little storm has in store for us. Enjoy :)


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